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Mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, and mental health advocate are roles that I take very seriously. I am a native of North Carolina who believes in the power of a changed mind from first hand experience. The difficult events that I have experienced over time have prepared me for a life of service to others. For, I worked many hours in direct care positions in laboratories, hospital facilities, in community mental health organizations, and private practice. I have held leadership appointments that allowed me to assist with the personal growth of staff and helped develop my own mission to improve myself and fully embrace each day. Today, I am captivated by the plight of individuals who are stuck in a rut, hopeless, hurt, bewildered, transitioning, lacking peace, and/or alone. She, he or they are adolescents, young adults, or seasoned individuals who seek a new way and path towards mental freedom.  Will the next move be decided as Step One or One Step?  Timing and intention are the differences between the two.  A better version of self awaits us. 

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    Our Reviews


    There is substance with her lessons.  She tells the truth. Everything said is from experience. She does not just give good advice.  —KC Harris

    K.C. Harris

    Raleigh, NC

    I have been stuck, stagnant, discouraged, overwhelmed, overthinker, happy, sad and need someone to help me Show Up For My Life…that’s what Tonya has done for me through her videos, therapy sessions etc…and I have been using the tools that she has given me to continue on my own.—Malissa T

    Malissa T

    Willow Springs, NC

    Tonya Taylor is an exceptional licensed clinical mental health counselor. Her empathetic approach, deep understanding, and insightful guidance have truly transformed my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking compassionate and effective mental health support.—N.B.

    N. Brown

    Apex, NC