I am Tonya Taylor aka Taylor T.  Late in my life after motherhood, I made a decision to begin my career path in psychology and earn the credentials to serve others as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.  Many years within my career, I was on a search for my true niche and wanted to be impactful to those who really desired to change the trajectory of their lives.  I felt a pull to help others to show up and reach their next level of achievement.  In August 2021, I found myself on the verge of yet another life altering situation.  Charged by devastation and stress, my marriage and stability had come to an abrupt end.  I hit a wall in my life and my career.  And, it was during this time that I chose to step away from my private practice and take the time to work on my emotional pain.  Each day I had to be intentional on how I dealt with the current loss of my marriage as well as other deep-rooted issues that surfaced during this time.  I did not know it at the time, but I was cultivating a teachable process for others to walk a similar path towards healing and personal change.  Today, I use my life experiences to empower others to embark on their own emotional weight loss journey.

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