Tonya Taylor

  • Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  • Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist Associate
  • Transformational Speaker
  • Leader
  • Motivator

About Me

Hi, there.  I am Tonya Taylor aka Taylor T.  Late in my life after motherhood, I made a decision to begin my career path in psychology and earn the credentials to serve others as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in NC.  Many years within my career, I was on a search for my true niche and wanted to be impactful to those who really desired to change the trajectory of their lives.  I felt a pull to help others to show up and reach their next level of achievement.  In August 2021, I found myself on the verge of yet another life altering situation.  Charged by devastation and stress, my marriage and family security had come to an abrupt end.  I hit a wall in my life and my career.  And, it was during this time that I chose to step away from my private practice and take the time to work on my emotional pain.  Each day I had to be intentional on how I dealt with the current loss of my marriage as well as other personal issues that surfaced during this time.  I did not know it at the time, but I was cultivating a teachable process for others to walk a similar path towards healing and personal change.  Today, I use my life experiences to empower others to embark on their own personal journey of dropping the burden of emotional baggage.  

Our Reviews


There is substance with her lessons.  She tells the truth. Everything said is from experience. She does not just give good advice.  —KC Harris

K.C. Harris

Raleigh, NC

I have been stuck, stagnant, discouraged, overwhelmed, overthinker, happy, sad and need someone to help me Show Up For My Life…that’s what Tonya has done for me through her videos, therapy sessions etc…and I have been using the tools that she has given me to continue on my own.—Malissa T

Malissa T

Willow Springs, NC

Tonya Taylor is an exceptional licensed clinical mental health counselor. Her empathetic approach, deep understanding, and insightful guidance have truly transformed my life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking compassionate and effective mental health support.—N.B.

N. Brown

Apex, NC